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Foracid Plus

Foracid Plus

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Prevention of spoilage

Type: Liquid

Spoilage negatively affects taste and feeding value

Conservation of forages is extremely important for its taste and feeding value. However, in some cases the conservation isn't always that easy. During the warm summer months, spoilage heats up the silage due to presence of oxygen. Also the mixed ration in the feed bunk is very sensitive to spoilage which reduces its quality dramatically. This lowers feed intake and so animal performance and health.

SILACID PLUS is a specially developed mixture of organic acids that prevents growth of yeasts and mold reducing spoilage. By adding SILACID PLUS, the ration always stays fresh and tasteful.                       


  • Fresh feed by preventing spoilage

  • Preservation of taste and feeding value

  • Safe in use and non-corrosive