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Glyco Start

Glyco Start

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Energy shot

Type: Liquid

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A good start for every high-yielding dairy cow

At the start of the lactation, every cows goes into a negative energy balance since energy requirements for producing milk are much higher than energy receiving by feed intake. Therefore, she has to burn her own body reserves as source of energy. When she does this too much, she risks developing ketosis and fatty liver syndrome, negatively affecting production, fertility and health. 

Therefore it is important to support high-yielding cows post-partum with some extra energy. GLYCO START is the ideal solution to provide dairy cows the extra energy they need. As a liquid feed supplement GLYCO START is a combination of direct energy suppliers with efficient liver protectors and rumen enhancers to keep up the energy levels.                                                                                                                                                                          


  • Liquid feed supplement for a good start of lactation

  • Prevents ketosis and fatty liver syndrome

  • Higher production en better fertility