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Tasty Start

Tasty Start

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Tasty early prestarter

Type: Solid

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Very tasty and highly digestible prestarter 

The more solid feed piglets have digested before weaning, the better their performance after weaning. Therefore it is very important to stimulate piglets to eat solid feed as soon as possible, without complying on animal health and gut health. So, choosing a prestarter feed of top quality really can make a difference!   

TASTY START is a unique combination of milk powder and prestarter feed that could be used in dry and liquid form for piglets during the first days of life. Thanks to its balanced composition of high-quality ingredients TASTY START is very tasteful and higly digestible as well.                                                                                                                                                                         


  • Very highly digestible due to dairy ingredients

  • Good feed intake from first days of life

  • Can be fed dry or liquid, also in cups