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Source of DHA/EPA

Type: Solid

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Refined tuna oil on carrier as source of DHA and EPA

Longchain fatty acids EPA and DHA are known for their positive effect on fertility. They influence the fluidity of the cell membranes and ameliorate immune respones. This increases survival rate and the viability of neonatal piglets and ensures higher live born weights.   

Supplementing feed with this essential fatty acids also affects the proportion of omega 3 fatty acids in the sows' colostrum and milk, ensuring a better development of the piglets and their immunity. In boars TUNAMIX increases the motility of the sperm cells for a better sperm quality. 

Refined tuna oil is the best source of this specific essential fatty acids and could be used as an ideal source of tasty energy for pregnant sows.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Benefits TUNAMIX

  • Ideal source of DHA/EPA fatty acids

  • Higher fertility

  • More vital and heavier neonatal piglets

  • Better sperm quality